gcornaGianpaolo Corna, born in 1964, lives in Grone, in the province of Bergamo. He started to carve as an autodidact, then the meeting with the charismatic figure of the sculpture Alberto Meli was a fundamental stage for his future choices followed in the artistic field, their friendship lasted until 2003, when Meli died In the meanwhile he had other important instructive experiences working for the Giorgio Pasinetti’s Art e Restoration company Since 1994 he has started to work alone carrying out different artistic activities, but favouring his first passion, the sculpture. In his works he uses the wood in which he improves his technique and his creativity, but he does not neglect other materials such as marble, bronze, plaster, resins, etc… He participates to several national and international sculpture competitions and symposiums, collective and individual shows, always with satisfactory results. During the years he has been commissioned holy art, wooden statues and monuments from laical and ecclesiastical purchasers, works which contribute to enrich his experience education, fundamental to form a personality which develops a personal research.